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Hague MaxPack

Tennessee Water Technology is licensed in the testing and treatment of water through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Water Supply. Since 1980, Tennessee Water Technology has tested and treated water through several different reputable water treatment systems. Our number one priority is providing East Tennessee with the best quality water treatment systems there is, which is why our primary system is Hague.

From a simple spring in the Mountains of Tennessee we began providing clean mountain water to thousands of customers across the state.

We now provide a full selection of the best Hague Water Treatment equipment and systems available anywhere, to provide quality water for every type of water problem: from city water to well water; from pools to drinking water; from your home to the businesses you visit.

When it comes to water treatment systems there’s a lot of junk out there (we know because we get a lot of calls to fix or replace other companies’ equipment). And, unfortunately, a lot of sketchy people trying to make a fast buck by selling you junk and then leaving town. You’re then left with no one to support the warranty, if there even was one.

We’ve been in East Tennessee for over 25 years and have built a solid reputation helping families just like yours get clean water into their homes. We know we offer the best systems and service in the water industry today. But don’t take our word for it, just read a few things our customers have had to say..