Steve Madden

Comprehensive Letter About TWT.

Clean Water

Tennessee Water Technology is committed to fully satisfying their customers. After a customer has invested in a new Hague Water Treatment system and TWT has installed it, we visit the customer at their home a couple weeks later. We do this to be sure their new water treatment system is working to it’s full potential, providing the cleanest water possible and to ensure the customer is completely satisfied and answer any questions they may have.

On August 3rd, 2016 Tennessee Water Technology visited the home of a new member of our family, Steve Madden. We answered any questions Steve had and tested his water, like we do with every new customer. The next day, a first for us, Steve sent us a comprehensive letter for anyone who wanted to know how great of an investment a Hague Water Treatment system is, and for anyone who has any doubts about how important this system is to the health of families across East Tennessee.

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